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Enfield Packing Service

Packing for a house move can be an overwhelming task, and your belongings can be easily broken if it’s done incorrectly.

Luckily, we know a few tricks on how to protect your belongings and pack properly, removing the stress and worry.

We are going to share them with you here. Take note that with with Enfield Removals you’ll receive professional packing services.


How to pack properly ?

The first step is decluttering. Is there anything that you don’t need anymore? Lighten your load by gifting to friends, family or even donating to charity. Next, find out whether your contents insurance will cover damage and breakages that may occur. This won’t matter if you choose Enfield Removals to do the job for you as we are experienced, professional, and fully insured.

Now you can calculate how many boxes and how much packing material you’ll need for moving house. Get hold of these well in advance and be generous with what you think you’ll need. Take a look at our guide to packaging materials to find out what might work best for you.

Finally, it’s time to pack. Use small boxes for heavy items, medium-sized boxes for general household items, and large boxes for lighter things. Remember to put the heavy things at the bottom, the lighter items at the top, and don’t overfill those boxes.

Label the boxes and seal across the seams with heavy duty tape. It’s a good idea to include rooms and a short description of the contents to help at the other end.

Don’t Forget… pack a box of essentials. We like to include tea or coffee making equipment, simple food items, an overnight bag as well as teddies, books and snacks for the kids.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Take advantage of our professional packing service to eliminate stress and allow you to concentrate on the more exciting things. We are highly experienced and fully insured.