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Enfield Packaging Materials

Moving home leaves your possessions incredibly vulnerable to breakage, staining, and other kinds of damage.

Luckily there’s a wide range of products that will simplify both the packing and unpacking process and protect your belongings.

Here’s a selection of available packaging materials:

Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are great for general packing as they are both sturdy and strong. They come in a wide range of sizes and shapes suitable for your every need.



To protect non-fragile items from damage, fill in space, line boxes or separate items, newspapers are a great option.


Brown wrapping paper

For protecting heavier items and padding boxes, brown wrapping paper is fantastic.


Tissue paper

Do you have delicate items such as paintings, photographs or other artwork to protect? Tissue paper is wonderful as it is soft and lightweight.


Bubble wrap

Need to cushion one of your more fragile belongings? Bubble wrap gives you extra protection and also peace of mind.


Polystyrene chips

For a precious item in its own box, choose polystyrene chips. These fill in the gaps between items and the box to prevent breakage during transit.


Gel packs

Need protection from moisture damage? Silica gel is perfect for absorbing extra moisture and locking it away safely.


Packing Tape and Gaffer Tape

To safely seal those boxes, choose professional standard packing tape or gaffer tape when a little extra strength is needed.


Blank tape and labelled tape

Choose blank tape or even labelled tape to help label your boxes and rooms.


Carpet Protectors

Protect your carpets and flooring from dirty marks and damage with carpet protectors.


Protective Covers

Use protective covers to prevent damage, dirty marks, scuffs or unexplained stains on your armchairs, mattresses and other soft furnishings.


Pack with care and you will ensure that you and your belongings arrive safely at your new home.