Enfield Town

You’re so excited you can hardly think straight! You’ve just been accepted for a live-in position in a small hotel in Greece, run by a wonderful family that you met when spending time there before moving to Enfield Town. It’s such a beautiful place with golden beaches and clear blue sea and the most beautiful gardens you’ve ever seen! And you can start immediately. You’ll need to contact a removal company and preferably one that will also handle the storage of your furniture. You’ll be living in a bungalow that’s fully furnished so all you really need take is your clothing, books, computer stuff, all your camera equipment, and of course, your bicycle, you’re not going to Greece without that! Look no further, Enfield Town Removals will handle the task of co-ordinating your packing, moving and storage requirements. No matter where you might be moving to – another town or another country – Enfield Town Removals are ready to assist you! Employing only fit, health-conscience people with sunny dispositions, Enfield Town Removals will at all times, go the extra mile for you, the customer. With each move, no matter how small, an Enfield Town Removals removal co-ordinator is allocated, overseeing the entire task. Enfield Town Removals confidently ensure you, our customer, a successful and stress-free move.

Based locally, Enfield Town Removals focus on home and office removal including the removal and transportation of large and heavy items. Enfield Town Removals have the expertise and man-power to handle your move, small or large. Starting with wrapping the necessary items, then packing them (recycled packaging and boxes of various sizes provided by us) loading them securely into the van, transporting them to your new destination, unloading and finally, unpacking and unwrapping your items with the utmost care, leaving you relaxed and satisfied. Beneficial to ourselves and our customers, Enfield Town Removals has each move covered by insurance, should any unforeseen circumstances occur.

Enfield Town Removals will safely transport your belongings in our energy efficient vans. We move anything from television sets to couches to wall units to your valuable paintings, carpets, beds and cupboards, mirrors, stoves and fridges as well as office equipment such as bookshelves, desks, filing cabinets, printers and computers. Enfield Town Removals have the expertise for the removal of goods from roof-tops or balconies. Enfield Town Removals handle moves of all sizes and for this reason have packages specifically designed to meet the needs of all individuals. Enfield Town Removals also have experts on hand to handle your furniture dismantling and reassembly and last but not least, while you’re deciding where what should go in your new home, Enfield Town Removals will have a cleaning unit busy at your old home dusting, vacuuming, cleaning and polishing leaving it in excellent condition for the new tenant.

Enfield Town Removals are locally based and just a call away, so don’t delay phone now and have one of Enfield Town Removals team members meet with you to discuss your needs and any questions you may have and, under no obligation, have a quotation drawn up, based on your specific needs. It is a stead-fast goal for Enfield Town Removals to ensure each and every customer is totally satisfied with the service received, leaving them with only positive comments and wanting to refer friends and family to Enfield Town Removals for their removal requirements.

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