Enfield Lock

It’s often the last thing people think of when they’re looking for somewhere new to live, but it’s one of the most important aspects of a move. Just how will you get all your personal possessions all the way from your current place to your new home? Enfield Lock removal company is here for you every step of the way with your journey from home to, well, home. We’re also specialists in office and business relocation service provision, so really whatever you want to move, we’re more than capable.

The way we work here at Enfield Lock Removals is to have a full team working on each of our removals and relocations from Enfield Lock. The whole team will be supervised by an appropriately named ‘Relocation Supervisor’ and will generally consist of a driver with intimate knowledge of the local roads in Enfield Lock as well as London and Greater London in general, a packing and organising expert who will package and place all your items in the truck(s) so as to maximise the space usage and hopefully save you the money of having to use extra vehicles, and possibly a cleaning expert who will provide and end of tenancy full clean if you want it.
Our Enfield Lock removal service works so well because of our team. We’ve spent a while putting together the right team for this business, and have worked together to come up with our strategies for removals and relocations for both offices and homes. We have in place different, adjustable, removal strategies that enable us to quickly assess and compose a quote for a project very quickly. We specialise in removals where there may be limited access to the furniture. For example, if the space is on a high floor of a building, or if there are narrow doorways. As we have our strategies already in place, we can get to your home or office and immediately set to work without needing to spend ages discussing how to do the project and so our customers will find that they only are paying for the time we spend actually working on their project.

We are proud of our past record, and we believe it is down to our dedication to the three central drivers of our business. These are: Providing a high-quality removal service to the people of Enfield Lock; an inexpensive removals service; and a safe and secure removals service. We can provide these three aspects through the care and dedication of our team as well as the options we can offer our business and commercial customers.

We offer our customers a furniture dismantling service to save space in our trucks, with full reassembly at the other end. We also provide end of tenancy cleaning, including carpet steam cleaning that can be included in the price for your removal. One of the things we are most proud of in terms of our service is the packaging service which sees us wrapping your valuables well and padding your furniture to ensure it travels safely to the destination. We can also offer you fully recycled packaging boxes if you’d like to save more money.

All in all, with our unrivalled customer service, great value for money and our team’s dedication to their jobs, Enfield Lock removals is really your only choice for your home or office relocation.

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