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Removals to Austria

One year ago, the Mitchell family came to Enfield Removals with a problem. The family of four were moving from their three-bedroom house in Enfield to their brand new flat in Vienna. It was a move they were very excited and anxious about. But the problem was that they had no idea what moving from one country to another entailed.

They called us and said they didn’t know what packing materials to use, how to organise items, or even how to get their belongings over to Vienna. We told them not to worry about a thing and that we would take care of it.

Assessing the move

The day after the Mitchell family called us, an Enfield Removals representative visited their home to talk in more detail about the moving process. Our expert looked at their belongings and calculated what would be needed. That included packaging materials, how many vans, and how long it would take to get everything ready for their trip. Afterwards the Mitchell family felt more relaxed about their move, knowing that experts they could trust would handle the whole thing.

Starting early

The following week was the big moving day and the Enfield Removals team, together with VanOne, (a company offering inexpensive removals to Austria) arrived at the Mitchell home early in the morning. They packed delicate belongings with special packing equipment and loaded the furniture in the correct order. Once the majority of items were packed, two vans arrived and loaded the more significant pieces of furniture. The Mitchell family offered to help, but all we needed them to do was ensure we were doing everything how they wanted.

Heading to Austria

The Enfield Removals team were able to have all of the furniture and belongings on the vans within just five hours. Our team packed everything appropriately, so there was no risk of damage. With everything set in place and ready to go, the two vans set off on their trip from Enfield to Vienna. It took two days for the vans to make it to Vienna, with two of our best driver handling the trip. They figured out which the best roads to take to avoid traffic and accidents.

Parking problems

When the two vans arrived in Vienna, the Mitchell family were there waiting for them. The only problem was that there were no available parking spaces around the apartments in Central Vienna. Fortunately, the Enfield Removals drivers had everything in control. They pulled over and looked at their maps, discussing how far away they could afford to be. They parked up two streets away and began moving the heavier furniture to the new Mitchell home.

Happy customers

Finding a parking spot delayed the removal by six hours. But the Mitchell family were still thrilled the team got everything to their new flat without a scratch. The Mitchell family were so happy with our service. They left a glowing Google review saying we took all the stress of moving off their shoulders.