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Enfield Piano Removals

Pianos are magnificent beasts. Not only do they hold great sentimental value and musical value, but they are also expensive and delicate. As a result, there are serious risks involved with their removal. These include causing damage to your home, serious damage to your health, and damage to the piano itself. Piano removals are clearly not easy tasks to perform.

That’s why you need to carefully consider how you will transport your piano to its new home safely. Enfield Removals offer a professional piano removal service that will eliminate stress or danger from the removal process.

Prior to removal, you’ll need to carefully prepare your piano to prevent damage to it. We recommend follow these steps to ensure both your piano and home are protected.


1. Hire a professional

You want to be sure that your beloved piano is in safe hands. That’s why the majority of piano owners choose a reliable, experienced firm such as Enfield Removals to transport their piano to its new home. Never attempt to move a piano alone. It’s simply too risky.


2. Protect the keyboard

The keys of a piano are very vulnerable to damage, but they are easy to protect. Simply close and seal the keyboard lid. Please don’t use tape to do this job as it damages the finish of your piano.


3. Remove any detachable parts

Don’t run the risk of damaging your house or losing an important piece of your piano. Remove any detachable parts such as pedals or music stands and keep them somewhere safe and easy to find.


4. Protect the body of your piano

Next, you need to wrap the body of your piano to protect it from scratches and other damage. Professional moving pads are soft yet robust and are designed specifically for this job. If none are available, choose something similar like blankets or another padding. Next, seal this layer with tape and shrink-wrap to ensure that all of the layers remain in place.


5. Think about the escape route

How do you intend to remove the piano? Is there an easy and clear path from the piano’s current location to the front door? Take these things into consideration and clear items out of the way to ensure a simple, hazard-free exit.

It’s simple to move your much-loved piano to its new home. Prepare your piano for removal with great care and hire piano Removals Enfield to do all of the back-straining work so you don’t have to.