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Enfield Town

You’re so excited you can hardly think straight! You’ve just been accepted for a live-in position in a small hotel in Greece, run by a wonderful family that you met when spending time there before moving to Enfield Town. It’s such a beautiful place with golden beaches and clear blue sea and the most beautiful gardens you’ve ever seen! And you can start immediately. You’ll need to contact a removal company and preferably one that will also handle the storage of your furniture. You’ll be...
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Enfield Lock

It's often the last thing people think of when they're looking for somewhere new to live, but it's one of the most important aspects of a move. Just how will you get all your personal possessions all the way from your current place to your new home? Enfield Lock removal company is here for you every step of the way with your journey from home to, well, home. We're also specialists in office and business relocation service provision, so really whatever you want to move,...
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Enfield Highway

For Complete Home, Office and Heavy-Duty Removal Home, office and heavy-duty removal, is exactly the field of expertise that Enfield Highway Removals is in. Enfield Highway Removals handles small or large removals. Whether it’s your precious orchids or priceless paintings, with the dedication of Enfield Highway Removals, you know your goods will arrive safely. If you’re wondering about items that don’t fit through your doorway, don’t worry! Enfield Highway Removals have the expertise, employing only fit health-conscience people, and will remove larger items for you...
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Enfield Chase

Getting married? Got a job offer in another town? Or are you sadly leaving Enfield Chase and moving to a new home, or for whatever reason, do you need to move in a hurry? Whatever your circumstances and needs, Enfield Chase Removals is able and ready to assist you. Moving can be very stressful, all the sorting out, packing, cleaning and so the list goes on, but Enfield Chase Removals is just a phone call away and is the answer to all your removal needs....
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Crews Hill

Few things are as stressful as moving house, whether you are moving for the first time or moving AGAIN! Worry no further because locally-based Crews Hill Removals has the solution to your problems. Relocating need not break the bank or cause a major headache. Crews Hill Removals specializes in office, home and heavy-duty removals. No job is too big or too small whether you are moving a few doors down the road or a little further afield. With their wide range of removal options on offer, which...
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Cheshunt Removals understands just how stressful moving can be. To this end, Cheshunt Removals offers you a ‘one team, full service’ facility that alleviates all the hassle and saves you both time and money. Cheshunt Removals is locally-based with offices operating 10 hours daily for added convenience. Whether you are moving house, offices or undertaking a more heavy-duty removal, Cheshunt Removals is a specialist in the field. With their fuel-efficient vans, Cheshunt will save you money regardless of a move within the same neighbourhood or one...
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Removals Enfield

Enfield Removals for all Enfield Home and Office Removal Projects. We are happy to be the best local provider of home and office removal services. We have a dedication to our clients which sees us truly focusing on offering inexpensive, high-quality and safe and secure removals to the local area and far beyond. We offer a full service regardless of whether you are a business or commercial client. We can manage all aspects of your move or relocation from packing your goods and precious items, as well as dismantling and re-assembling your bulky furniture, to unpacking everything at the other end and professionally cleaning your old space. We’re you’re only choice for all your Enfield Removal projects.

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Packing Services

Packing for a house move can be an overwhelming task and your belongings are easily broken or irreparably damaged if it’s done incorrectly. Luckily, we know a few tricks on how to remove the stress and worry, protect your belongings and pack properly. We are going to share them with you here. Take note that with your move you'll receive professional packing services.  

How to pack properly ?

    The first step is decluttering. Is there anything that you don’t need anymore? Lighten your load by gifting to...
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Furniture Dismantling and Assembly Service

Sometimes a door frame or a hallway simply isn’t wide enough for your furniture to fit through and you need to dismantle the item of furniture before moving home. This can be an intimidating task if you don’t know what you are doing and you could also encounter problems if you struggle to do it yourself. You could damage your furniture beyond repair, injure yourself or even mislay important components. Furniture Dismantling and Assembly service is best delegated to specialists. Here at Enfield Removals, we...
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Packaging Materials

Moving home leaves your possessions incredibly vulnerable to breakage, staining and other kinds of damage. Luckily there’s a wide range of products that will simplify both the packing and unpacking process and protect your belongings. Here’s a selection of available packaging materials:  

Enfield Removals Packaging Materials:


Cardboard boxes

Enfield Removals Packaging Materials Cardboard BoxesCardboard boxes are great for general packing as they are both sturdy and strong. They come in a wide range of sizes and shapes suitable...
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