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    Enfield Removals for all Enfield Home and Office Removal Projects. We are happy to be the best local provider of home and office removal services. We have a dedication to our clients which sees us truly focusing on offering inexpensive, high-quality and safe and secure removals to the local area and far beyond. We offer a full service regardless of whether you are a business or commercial client. We can manage all aspects of your move or relocation from packing your goods and precious items, as well as dismantling and...
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company vision

To facilitate the process of safe moving in Enfield

We are a small, local firm and part of our ethos is to take care of our customer’s possessions as if they were our own. This means we pack and pad your items for transit, and also insure them fully once they’re in the truck.

To drive the cost of moving in Enfield as low as possible

As we are so close to everywhere in Enfield, we don’t have to charge huge sums for the time it takes us to travel to you, saving you money already even before the move.



With multiple options available to save you money including using recycled boxes, having no VAT to pay and fixed quotes, Enfield Removals is perfect for removals on a budget.

Why are we such an inexpensive removals option? Enfield Removals find ourselves in a great position to offer our customers a high-quality, secure and inexpensive service as we are so local to the Enfield area. Other companies will have to charge much more to get their vans to our home or office for a removal, but as we are just down the road, we don’t have to.

As well as that, we can offer you substantial savings if you book our inexpensive packaging, wrapping and padding service that will wrap your furniture and fragile items and make sure they remain in top condition during the removal. If you’d like to save more money, we can simply drop off the packing supplies to you and you can do it yourself. Yet more savings can be made, as well as contributing to the good of the environment, by opting for our recycled packing boxes. These are fully half the price of the normal boxes so a lot can be saved here.

As one last money saving measure, we can offer you something absolutely free. We will happily dismantle your furniture or other bulky items and re-assemble them at the other end for no cost at all.

Safe and Secure


As we are fully insured for your move, and we carefully pack and wrap all your items, you can be assured of a safe and secure home or office removal with Enfield Removals

How do we make our customers belongings as safe and secure as possible during removal?Our main concern here at Enfield Removals is the safety and status of your possessions as well as your confidence in us as a company. We aim to keep our processes as transparent as possible and so we will always provide you with an itemised written quote and invoice, which will show in detail what we are going to do and exactly what you get for your money. We’ve made sure that our quotation forms and invoices are fully compliant with HM Revenue and Customs Standards, and we keep detailed records for both your benefit and our own.

When it comes to our customer’s belongings, we don’t believe we can be too careful. We offer our customers a packaging and wrapping service to get their various possessions and furniture ready for (insured) transit. We shrink wrap your fragile items in protective plastic covering and wrap thick, soft furniture removal blankets around the furniture so when we secure the pieces in the van there is no damage done. We fully insure your goods for the period that they are in our van so if, in the unlikely event, your items are damaged they are fully covered.


Quality Service


Our dedication to high-quality service is borne through our professional, friendly and efficient staff. To find out how we can help you, call our local call centre for a quick chat

What do we do to give the highest quality service? Our primary focus here at Enfield Removals is customer satisfaction. If we aim for complete satisfaction with our services from all our customers, we know that that will make us constantly reevaluate every part of our business to make us the best we can be.

One of the central tenets to how we provide customers with high-quality is through the careful construction of our team. Our company is made up of people from all over the globe, bringing with them years of experience in many different areas that combine to form the perfect home and office removals team. From our specialist London drivers who know the roads and shortcuts, to our experienced cleaners who have never met a stain they couldn’t remove our team is designed for the removals market. We’ve made sure to have a master of logistics and packing to be our removals supervisors to make every job go as efficiently as possible.

We can provide a completely bespoke quote to each of our customers to match fully up with your needs. We can offer it all from an itemised quotation to a house or office relocation call so a member of our team can assess the job if it’s complicated enough.

what we offer



At the core of our business. We offer removals of household goods from Enfield. To ensure your move goes smoothly, we will fully insure your goods for transit.


Packing Service for Removals

Depending on your preference, we can deliver packing boxes to you, or pack all of your items for you. We shrink wrap and pad furniture and fragile items to prevent any damage occurring.


Removals from and to places with difficult access

Specialising in removals from the Enfield area from buildings that may have restricted access, we can pack up and move your items anywhere you please. We operate from Enfield and can deliver to London, the UK or most places in Europe.


Quality Packaging Materials Delivered

We source and deliver locally all kind of packaging materials for removals including boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, tape and shrink wrap.


We dismantle and reassemble furniture

Don’t worry if your wardrobe or beds are too large to be removed from the property. We offer furniture dismantling and reassembly service free of charge as a part of removal.