Removals Enfield Team Members

Without the Team, There Would Be No Enfield Removals


We firmly believe that the strength of a company, and how good its service is, is fully dependent on the quality of the removals Enfield team members. We’ve gone to a lot of effort to ensure a wealth of experience is present in our company, as well as a good diversity of nationalities represented. We are all united by a few common characteristics. We all like our jobs, and we all want to provide our customers with outstanding service to make Enfield Removals a success.

Our team was selected to ensure our skills mix is perfect for a company offering removals and relocations, often in difficult circumstances such as from places that may have restricted access. We have team members who, thanks to their abilities to see the world in a way different to most of us, can perfectly utilise every last piece of space in a van to save our customers the cost of needing two. Others are expert drivers with a detailed knowledge of local short cuts to reduce journey times. Others are fantastic communicators and have been known to sing show tunes at unexpected times.

Whichever mix of our team that is perfect for your project, we can guarantee friendly, professional and efficient service, sadly, there is no guarantee on the singing.


Removals Enfield Team MembersMonica – Packing Specialist

Thanks to her speed and organisation, Monika is one of our preferred packers. She will securely wrap and pack your fragile items, as well as label them clearly to make sure you find them again after the move.




Removals Enfield Team MembersPeter – Removals Supervisor

As we can offer our customers a visit to the property to assess the cost of the removal if needs be, we have to have our best man on the job. Peter not only supervises the team here, but he’s the one who calls to peoples houses and meets our customers. A true professional, he’s patient, friendly, organised and an all round great guy.




Removals Enfield Team MembersSimony – Packing Specialist

Working with Monika, Simony makes sure all of your belongings are securely packed away and is there at the other end should you want her to make sure you can find everything again after your move.




Enfield RemovalsAndrew – Cleaning Team Leader

Andrew leads our cleaning team here at Enfield Removals. His job is to monitor the standard of cleaning in a house or an office and ensure that it is done thoroughly and on time. He would be happy to discuss with you any special cleaning requirements you have for your home or workplace.




Removals EnfieldLorival – Team Member

Lorival’s main responsibility is to make sure your items are properly packed and secured in the truck for your move. Having previously worked for a major London food wholesaler before joining us at Enfield Removals, Adam has a thorough knowledge of the London streets and knows quite a few nifty little shortcuts




Removals EnfieldClive– Service Coordinator

Having worked as a HGV driver in the past, and having spent many years driving the big lorries through London, Clive is proving a vital part of Enfield Removals. His driving skills and route knowledge are unrivalled, and he approaches his job with a rare enjoyment and professionalism.





Removals EnfieldClever – Team Member

With experience of over five years gained working removals industry Clever is the unquestionable leader when it comes to his physical strength that is so much needed for removals of large pieces such as sofas and white goods.





Enfield RemovalsLarisa – Company Accountant

Larisa has recently completed her degree in accountancy and join Enfield Removals in 2015.  Invoices and quotes – that’s Larisa’s job. She will be in contact with you regarding all the money related matters.