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The continuity of your business, and minimising the amount of hours lost to you are our priorities when performing a relocation for you. When it comes to business removals Enfield moving company has years of experience performing such services. We know how necessary it is to have your work day uninterrupted by unnecessary noise or messing about. This is why we can put together a bespoke office removals service for our business customers to minimise the impact their move has on the working day. Whether id’s doing the work after the working day has ended, or working unobtrusively around staff, we’ve got the experience to pull it off. Click the read more link to find out all about our business relocation service.

Here at Enfield Removals our ambition is to become the market leaders in the local area, and then the whole of greater London in office relocations. We’ve been working hard to make this ambition a reality, and it has led to us undertaking many months of trial and error to come up with a strategy for office removal projects that is completely different to how we handle domestic or home removal projects. We’ve made sure our team has had years of experience in both domestic and commercial removals here in London, and so together we have come up with a plan to give our customers exactly what they want. We recognise the special attention needed for an office removal and the differences there are from a domestic removal and we believe we have perfected our strategy to deal with the essential differences.

For office relocations in London, either from here in Enfield or Greater London, we can move your items anywhere from down the street to any town in the UK or even Europe. Our structure will provide you with:

>> Fully transparent and previously listed and decided upon fees for the service
>> Invoicing and receipts that meet all HM Revenue & Customs standards
>> Written records of all out agreements for both your, and our, reference
>> Insurance for your assets while in transit

Other business removal companies offer this too. That’s true, you can get that service with a lot of other removals companies operating in the UK. We, however, believe that these items are the very least a company offering business removals and relocations should offer and we’re committed to going further. We’ve put together our strategy thanks to our year’s of experience and we know we can offer a better package.

>> We know that as a business, your most important assets are your staff and your time. So we will strive to minimise the impact your move has on the staff of your office, as well as making the transition as quick as possible to cut down absolutely on any disruption. We offer you a full service that begins with packaging and wrapping your items, and ends with unpacking them in your new offices. Our team will also dismantle and reassemble any bulky furniture to save on space and make the journey more economical for you.
>> We look on our business removals and relocations as an individual project for us, not just an everyday task. This has led us to assign a relocation coordinator to every project to make sure everything goes according to schedule and goes exactly the way you want it.
>> The All of our relocation team members are trained in health and safety best practice, and also we train them on how to maximise space usage in our trucks and other vehicles that we use for the office relocations. What this means is that you will have your job done more efficiently, using less tucks so you stand to make some great savings. On top of this, our teams benefit from having local knowledge, being experienced in moving businesses and homes in and around Enfield and the Greater London area.

Our team rivals any other in the Greater London area for office removals, as our standards of professionalism, speed, customer service and our team’s attitudes to the work and our customers is above any targets we could set for ourselves. We genuinely enjoy our work, whether it’s the customer service aspect of it, the travelling around or meeting new people everyday, we always leave work with a smile. We endeavour to show this enthusiasm to each and every one of our business and office removals clients. We are the company we are today because we have such a good team, and because we ask our clients to fill out a very short customer service survey after the project, we can identify areas we can improve on to bring our service up to the level of the team’s potential.

Enfield Removals has put together a strategy for office removals that minimises the cost and impact to our clients. We know our business, and are committed firmly to offering our clients for commercial removals the best service in London. So don’t gamble with your business relocation, choose Enfield Removals.

Business Removals Enfield

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